The Plan!!

  Hello!! I woke up excessively early this morning (very, very rarely happens) and don't really know what to do with myself... I went for a run (again, not normal) on the beach, and now have a lot of time before everyone else wakes up, so I thought I would let youall know about The… Continue reading The Plan!!

Kat von D!!

Hello, and welcome to the hardest ethical makeup review I've had to so far on 'Pretty with Principles?'. Kat von D was actually the company, and person, who made me realise how difficult this process could be. This entire personal investigation began after I picked up a friend's makeup brush (I tend to go through… Continue reading Kat von D!!

The Ordinary!!

Hello, and welcome to this review by 'Pretty with Principles?' of The Ordinary's ethics!! The Ordinary aims to create simple, streamlined products, removing unnecessary chemicals and ingredients. This results in them being concentrated, lasting FOREVER, being good for your skin, and being affordable! What's not to love? Their priority is 'integrity', as explained in this… Continue reading The Ordinary!!

Lime Crime!!

Hello, and welcome to this 'Pretty with Principles?' review of Lime Crime's ethics! Lime Crime is fun!! I love their website, mission and crazy makeup colours. Their Venus Palette is the definition of beautiful...every time I open it I feel like Vincent Vega opening Marcellus Wallace's briefcase in Pulp Fiction. They have had their problems. There… Continue reading Lime Crime!!

MAC (and therefore Estée Lauder)

Hello and welcome to the second brand review on 'Pretty with Principles?'! MAC cosmetics (which stands for Make-up Art Cosmetics, something I find quite disappointing actually) is a global makeup brand, probably one of the most well known around. Being interested in makeup and not knowing about MAC is a little like going to America… Continue reading MAC (and therefore Estée Lauder)

Here we go: Glossier

Hello, and welcome to the first post on 'Pretty with Principles?'! I decided to start with Glossier, as I use their products everyday, and LOVE them. Spoiler alert: in my opinion, they are ethical. I would have been HEARTBROKEN if I had to stop using them (and almost had a heart attack when I stumbled… Continue reading Here we go: Glossier