Dust and Dance!!

In the middle of festival season I had a crisis of conscience. Festivals are a time for glitter. I love glitter. But glitter, as we now know (and really quite predictably) is bad for the environment. People want it banned, because as a form of microplastic it pollutes the oceans… in essence glitter is as bad as straws. This revelation made me very upset as

  1. over the years I have used a significant amount of glitter and straws, because
  2. there is nothing I love more than to pour glitter onto my cheekbones and then sip a cocktail through a straw, looking (or so I think) both glamorous and fun on a dance-floor, which
  3. makes me question how much I have personally contributed to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch just through these two things??

Image result for dust and dance logo

Fear not. Just as I transitioned from plastic to paper straws, I have found an alternative to evil, polluting glitter: Dust and Dance‘s biodegradable, cruelty-free glitter made with environmentally sourced materials!!

dust and dance all colours

Dust and Dance’s glitter comes in amazing colours, sparkles for days and does not destroy the planet. Guilt-free glitter. What’s not to love? Their mission is ‘to encourage young people […] to embrace their differences, celebrate their youth and be confident to be themselves’, which can only ever be a good thing. They also give 10% of all profits to a charity called Young Minds, a charity which focuses on helping young people with their mental health. Their tag lines for this is one of my favourites: ‘ when you buy Dust & Dance, you might help someone get their sparkle back.’

YoungMinds logo

I bought the Hot Pink and Garden Mix glitter packs and spent the weekend running around Wilderness Festival, spreading glitter and the gospel of biodegradable-glitter with anyone who would listen (which, with Wilderness being the festival it is, was quite a lot of people). The glitter stayed on the entire day, despite me spending 3 days in the oven which has become the English countryside and doing a significant amount of sweaty dancing.

Dust and Dance Bio Biodegradable Eco Friendly Chunky Hair Face Body Festival Glitter Dark Pink Mix  10g bulk pouchDust and Dance Bio Biodegradable Eco Friendly Chunky Hair Face Body Festival Glitter Pink Mix








If any of you know about other companies selling similar products please let me know!! I have heard that Festival Face, Lush and Eco Glitter are quite good, but have not tried them yet.

Lastly, my eyes were opened at the festival to a new look: glitter bums. Get on board.

glitter bums

P.S. Because I have been at Wilderness and doing other similar Summer things I have not had a chance to do any more reviews or look for more brands. While this has delayed The Plan slightly I am now back on track and am going to try and get a post out once a week!!

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