The Plan!!


Hello!! I woke up excessively early this morning (very, very rarely happens) and don’t

really know what to do with myself… I went for a run (again, not normal) on the beach, and now have a lot of time before everyone else wakes up, so I thought I would let youall know about The Plan.

Having done a few ethical reviews of makeup brands I’ve been using, I now have more of an idea about how I’m going to continue:

  1. I am going to continue reviewing the brands I regularly use. Having done five (Glossier, MACLime Crime, The Ordinary, Kat von D) I am just under halfway through, with brands such as Too Faced, Maybelline, NYX, Urban Decay, Fenty and Charlotte Tilbury left.
  2. I’ve then got to find replacements for the makeup I decide to not use. I’m really looking forward to this part; I am going to focus on finding smaller, independent brands, and will of course write about any and all that I try. If you know about anything that fits this description (obviously cruelty-free and vegan too) please recommend!! I love interesting packaging (especially when its environmentally friendly), and eyeshadow palettes are my weakness (I’ve already got this Juvia Palace palette on my wishlist!!).
  3. As part of finding new makeup I am planning to subscribe to a beauty box. I haven’t looked into this much yet, but have stumbled upon two boxes (The Cruelty Free Beauty Box and Pip Box) that focus on being cruelty-free, as well as discovering that Evanna Lynch (a.k.a Luna Lovegood) is planning on starting one. What could be better? Once I’ve subscribed, I’ll post each month/quarter (depending on which I choose) about what the boxes contain!!
  4. After I’ve sorted out my makeup I think I will move onto the rest of my bathroom… but that’s for later. One thing at a time.

I’ve also worked out how I am going to phase in and out the ethical/non-ethical brands. As a student, I can’t afford to just throw away and immediately replace products I normally use daily. Instead I will continue to use it, until finished, and then buy something new!! I’m also thinking of doing some Empties posts, so you’ll know when I’ve fully finished with a brand.

And that’s The Plan. If you have any ideas/tips/recommendations please do let me know by commenting or messaging me!!

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