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Hello, and welcome to this review by ‘Pretty with Principles?’ of The Ordinary‘s ethics!! The Ordinary aims to create simple, streamlined products, removing unnecessary chemicals and ingredients. This results in them being concentrated, lasting FOREVER, being good for your skin, and being affordable! What’s not to love? Their priority is ‘integrity’, as explained in this mission statement, and after using a number of their products I can say they definitely live up to this.

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Their focus on integrity means that they are clear about their stance on animal testing. They do not test on animals, are cruelty-free and vegan. I discovered this statement on Phyrra, stating that while their products may be available in China, it is sold through ‘cross-border E-commerce methods’. As far as I can tell, this means they have no physical stores in China, and can transport products into China without sending them direct and having to register (which would force them to test on animals). This type of commerce actually apparently accounts for 21% of global online trade. Who knew?

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I really love the simplicity of The Ordinary; it seems I either want excessively imaginative, Benefit-style packaging, or plain, pure products rivalling Canadian brand Loblaw’s No Name range. This extends to the simplicity of ingredients – according to The Guardin’s beauty editor Sali Hughes The Ordinary ‘[takes] away all the unnecessary skincare ingredients, leaving only those in proper concentrations that [are] proven to deliver results’. On their website there is a list of ingredients that will never be included in their products, again emphasising their transparency.

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What else? They have wide ranges of foundation shades to suit different skin tones. Inclusivity! Hurrah! There’s an excellent interview by Caroline Hirons with Brandon Truaxe, the founder of Deciem (the parent company of The Ordinary), which explains how the products can be so affordable. Deciem itself has recently been going through some minor controversy (nothing on the level of Lime Crime), as detailed here, with the firing of the CEO and CFO. However, as with The Ordinary, transparency has been prioritised, with the publishing of all emails involved. I don’t know about you, but I have never come across a company that is so true to their mission statement!!

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So yes, I would recommend The Ordinary! Their primer is essential in my everyday makeup routine, and people go crazy about their Retinoid serums! Here is a great review of all their products to help. 

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