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Hello, and welcome to this ‘Pretty with Principles?’ review of Lime Crime’s ethics! Lime Crime is fun!! I love their website, mission and crazy makeup colours. Their Venus Palette is the definition of beautiful…every time I open it I feel like Vincent Vega opening Marcellus Wallace’s briefcase in Pulp Fiction.

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They have had their problems. There is actually a page dedicated to Lime Crime’s controversies , and there is a blog dedicated to exposing all their faults, Oh dear Doe Deere. Some of these ‘controversies’ were the founder of Lime Crime, Doe Deere, dressing up as a Nazi in 2008, suing, threatening and sending cease and desist letters to bloggers who wrote bad reviews, being hacked which to their customers losing a LOT of money in, and including ingredients such as beeswax in so called ‘vegan’ products. Yeah. There’s a lot.


Since 2014, they seemed to have completely moved on from this, refocusing and maturing. Lime Crime settled a claim for people affected by the security problems (paying $110,00, which sounds like a lot, but works out at about $44, and a 15% discount coupon, not sufficient for some customers who lost around $7000…although those who lost this much were in the minority.) Most of this turnaround was due to the hiring of Kim Walls in 2014. In recent news, the controversial Doe Deere has completely stepped away from the company, no longer holding the title of CEO, after it was bought by Tengram Capital. This is the culmination of the ‘turn around’ the company has worked on for the past 4 years, and I am impressed at Doe Deere realising that her company can do better without her name attached to it.

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Problems seem to have arisen from the company being small and not knowing what to do – at the time of the hack, they only had 4 employees. They were criticised for not emailing customers individually or making a statement and instead posting on instagram, but at the time they really didn’t emply enough people to do this. I think their recovery and improvement have significantly improved by them employing more people, creating structure and overall just acting like a professional company.

Lime Crime also gives a lot to charity. Just like MAC‘s Viva Glam AIDs Fund lipstick line, Lime Crime donated all sales from the Beet It Lipstick to the Harvey Hurricane fund. They also have donated over $16,000 (although I was unable to discover when these donations began) to a range of charities, from  an animal sanctuary to a woman’s shelter. I really like this, and am so much more likely to buy from a company when I know they use their profits to help others. 

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Despite their rocky past, I think Lime Crime is now an ethical company. I will keep an eye on what Tengram Capital are doing with them, but I think they are on the right track. They are both PETA and Leaping Bunny certified, with cruelty-free and (the majority) vegan products. Enjoy their brightly coloured lipsticks and crazy hair dyes, and if you buy one eye shadow palette this summer get the Venus XL, you will not regret it. 

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