Here we go: Glossier

Hello, and welcome to the first post on ‘Pretty with Principles?’! I decided to start with Glossier, as I use their products everyday, and LOVE them. Spoiler alert: in my opinion, they are ethical. I would have been HEARTBROKEN if I had to stop using them (and almost had a heart attack when I stumbled across a lawsuit against them…more on this later!!).

glossier logo

For those unaware, Glossier is a recent beauty brand based in New York, selling online. They also have an online magazine, Into the Gloss, which has some really fun and interesting articles (my favourite so far being Glossier Dads beauty routines and Un-glamorous flight essentials). Their makeup is supposed to look after your skin and enhance natural beauty, and it does!!

Now you’ve been formally introduced, it’s time to get to know each other. Glossier is cruelty-free, with some vegan products. As I said in my intro, I’m not vegan, and so cruelty-free is in general sufficient for me. Glossier don’t even sell in China, because animal testing is required by law there. Products that aren’t vegan contain beeswax, carmine or Ambrettolide. I was impressed by how conscientious Glossier were in this classification, stating that they can’t class products with Ambrettolide in as vegan because it’s created from sap in tree bark and ‘this sap may contain saliva from bugs that live in the trees’. To me, this is kind of going above and beyond, but I’m sure to any vegans out there it’s this level of information and understanding that makes the difference to you!

glossier advert 2

Glossier always show their products on a range of skin colours and types, and you can see here how their cloud paints do seem to suit everyone!! Their founder, Emily Weiss, stated that ‘Inclusivity is really our number one value. We want to inspire, but we also want to be realistic and show beauty in real life’, and they definitely have followed through on that.everyone says they're low maintenance

There was one slight hiccup: in May a lawsuit was filed against them because their website was inaccessible to the blind or visually impaired. As they only sell online, this would have been a serious issue for anyone who relies on screen reading software which was apparently incompatible with Glossier websites. After researching this a bit, hyperventilating as I went along at the thought of Glossier not truly being inclusive, I discovered that the lawsuit had been settled less than a month later, with everyone involved satisfied. 

camp glossier

In online reviews the 150 people who work at Glossier seem to love it, and they even go on a team  trip every summer called Camp Glossier. Organised fun and any team building activities are some of my very least favourite things to do, so working at Glossier might just be out of the question for me, but buying their products is a definite yes. 

What do you think? Please do let me know below! xx

3 thoughts on “Here we go: Glossier”

  1. Do they mention anything about their manufacturing standards? Making sure the people who make the products are fairly treated is part of an ethical process as well!


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